Strictly Ballroom Announcement

Geelong Lyric Theatre Society

Important Announcement

After much consideration and deliberation within our committee as well as meeting with our creative team, Geelong Lyric Theatre Society has made the extremely difficult decision to cancel our May 2019 production of Strictly Ballroom. This decision was made after a significant review of our current state and our future as a non-profit amateur theatre company. Currently Geelong Lyric Theatre Society faces a number of challenges like all Geelong local theatre companies when it comes to staging a production in Geelong.

Although this is a sad time for us as we were particularly excited about bringing this production to Geelong, focusing on our company, our internal strengths and weaknesses and planning for a viable future needs to be brought to the forefront of everything that we do and with the current venue restrictions we face, Strictly Ballroom presents a risk to the longevity of Geelong Lyric Theatre Society as a local community theatre company.

So where to next? Geelong Lyric Theatre Society will take the next 6 – 8 months to focus on many areas including our financial security however we will need your help. Over the coming weeks you will hear more about our long-term plans and how you can support us in securing our future.

Please feel free to leave a comment or send us a message if you believe you can offer any support moving forward.