Annie – 2014


Production Dates: 2nd – 10th May 2014
Venue Playhouse Theatre GPAC

Production Team

Director: Bryce Baumgarten
Assistant Director /
Assistant Choreographer
Dom Roussety
Musical Director: Amy Young
Producer: Ash Chappell
Choreographer: Justine Bratanavicius
Stage Manager:
Wardrobe Co-ordinator: Heather Dillon
Front of House Co-ordinator:
Sound Design & Operation Ben Anderson &
Daniel Zampatti
Lighting Design: Michele Domonkos
Hair & Make-up: Kellie Mackay
Properties: Sue Pillekers
Set Construction Co-ordinator: Steve Howell

Cast List

Delia McBurney /
Tayla Gertner
Davina Smith-Crowley Miss Hannigan
Andrew Lorenzo Oliver Warbucks
Elyssa Jeffreys Molly
Sophie Baker Kate
Molly Jones Tessie
Renee Gartner Pepper
Tara Dunstan July
Rose Jennett Duffy
Ashleigh Watson Grace Farrell
Brendan Rossbotham Drake
Tony Wasley Rooster Hannigan
Jennifer Stirk Lily St Regis
Lachlan Turner Bert Healey
Sarah Glynn,
Claire Miller,
Amy Whitfield
The Boylan Sisters
Howard Dandy President Roosevalt
Ashton (the dog) Sandy (the dog)
Isabella Coomber Children’s Ensemble
Brooke Lecchino Children’s Ensemble
Trinity Marell-Seach Children’s Ensemble
Freya McBurney Children’s Ensemble
Conique Pirrottina Children’s Ensemble
Scarlett Young Children’s Ensemble
Darcy Stabenow Children’s Ensemble
Logan Stabenow Children’s Ensemble
Dante Young Children’s Ensemble
Meegan Baker Adult Ensemble
Charlotte Crowley Adult Ensemble
Perri Espinoza Adult Ensemble
India Ney Adult Ensemble
Diana Osmanovic Adult Ensemble
Sanela Osmanovic Adult Ensemble
Zoe Prem Adult Ensemble
Avril Wojniusz Adult Ensemble
Lisa Zarb Adult Ensemble
Ash Chappell Adult Ensemble
Dalton Chappell Adult Ensemble
Angus Crust Adult Ensemble
Trent Inturrisi Adult Ensemble
Charlie McIntyre Adult Ensemble
Steve Sweeney Adult Ensemble
Mitchell Walters Adult Ensemble

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